Se volete contattarmi per domande, collaborazioni o commissioni private potete scrivermi al mio indirizzo di posta elettronica

If you want contact me for questions, collaborations, or private commissions you can write to my email address

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  1. Ciao,
    mi dispiace molto che lascerai il blog perchè è fresco, stimolante e anche di compagnia. Un grosso "in bocca al lupo" per il tuo nuovo progetto.

  2. Hi, I hope you can understand English. I love your paper floral table setting. I am looking for place cards for a luncheon and found this image on pinterest. I am in America and not sure when you posted this but is there any way you can help me find the template to this rolled flower? and any other instructions. I would be very grateful. Kind thanks. my email is Thank you


Thank you for your comment!

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